A New Website is Born

The first item of news here has to be this website itself. This is a new site published by the Royal Air Force Music Services Association, and as I write there is still a lot work to do before it can be considered ready for public consumption. The Association has been in existence for some 25 years, its purpose being to provide a means for ex-Royal Air Force musicians (whether they were full time bandsmen or members of the many voluntary bands) to keep in touch with friends and colleagues from their service days, and with the contemporary RAF Bands and currently serving members of the Music Services. It’s now time to start taking advantage of the Internet to facilitate these objectives.

The site has two main aims:–

  • To make information about the Association available to anyone interested, including the Association’s purpose and its activities, and to help advertise the Association to anyone eligible to join.
  • To provide a source of information about the Association and its members which is private and available only to the active members, to help people make contact with old friends, for example.

I’m sure these aims will grow and evolve as the site develops, in ways which are impossible to predict. We hope it will become an ever more useful resource for the membership, and will serve to publicise the work of the Association to a wider public.

Before we get there, though, there is much work to be done…!

12 comments on “A New Website is Born

  1. Looks good John and well done for getting it off the ground.
    We could do with page “seeking…..” or some such so that folk can get in touch with others who may not be members.

  2. its a great start some small bugs to be ironed out but overall an excellent idea.
    perhaps you could include forth-comming public performances of the current bands (including voluntary bands)

    1. Thanks for your suggestion. The problem, as always, is getting the information. However it might be possible to list the Autumn Tour dates as we’re not constrained by a print deadline. I’ll see what I can do.

  3. Thanks JD for this. Could you please remind those with amnesia of the reunion dates pls.

  4. Nice to see a positive approach to the issue of the website’Looking forward to it growing.

  5. Following info from another member thinking that a “Memoriam” page might be helpful so that we could keep information on deceased colleagues. I’m not sure the information is kept anywhere else except through the journal and AGM. Would people find that helpful?

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