RAF Germany 30th Anniversary Commemoration

A Memorial Service and commemoration was held at RAF Northolt on 11th February 2015, the 30th anniversary of the tragic road accident at Langenbruck, Germany, in which 19 Musicians from the Band of the Royal Air Force Germany, an RAF Policeman and their coach driver lost their lives. Here are some pictures to record the occasion.

(Thanks to Unity Slade-Howard for the photographs).

10 comments on “RAF Germany 30th Anniversary Commemoration

  1. Thank you for these photos Unity. I am unable to travel, so I appreciate being kept in touch with events.
    I also enjoy visiting your website. Thanks once again.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this sad but welcome event. So sorry unable to attend, but have had knee op last week, and now recovering well…..
    Great photos Unity. Thank you

    1. Glad that you are making a good recovery Pam. Thanks for your kind comment.

  3. Thanks for these pictures I lost a lot of friends that day it is good that they are still remembered in this way.and thanks for publishing them in this way too.

    1. Always remembered Graham and such an important part of RAF Music History.

  4. Just returned after a three month break in Lanzarote. Like Graham,I,too lost a lot of friends and colleagues on that fateful day. I, too appreciate them being remembered in this way. Thanks to Unity for the photographs.

    1. Thank you for the comments about the RAF Germany Band commemoration, it was a most poignant occasion. There should be “official” photos at some point and I know lots of friends and family members there took photos too. I liked the fact that some friends went to Germany and tidied the graves and held their own remembrance there. There was also a commemoration at RAF Cranwell.

    2. Thanks for the comments Bruce. Hope you might make it on another occasion.

  5. Thank you so much for continuing to remember those that lost their lives. I lost my uncle (Bill Buzza) in this accident. It is wonderful that after all this time you are still honouring their memory. His father is still around and someone that knew Uncle Bill during his time there attended the dedication of the window and passed on to him a photo of it for which he is very grateful. Got quite overwhelmed seeing all the photos from the commemoration on this site. Thanks very much to all those involved with this.

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