RAF Germany 30th Anniversary Commemoration

A Memorial Service and commemoration was held at RAF Northolt on 11th February 2015, the 30th anniversary of the tragic road accident at Langenbruck, Germany, in which 19 Musicians from the Band of the Royal Air Force Germany, an RAF Policeman and their coach driver lost their lives. Here are some photos of the occasion

The Blue and the Gold Delayed

The winter edition of The Blue and the Gold would normally have been sent to you by now, but it’s going to be a little late this year because Norman Blow recently spent a month in India. We are now planning to print it on 31st January, and all being well it should be posted some time the following week. Norman tells me there are 36 pages including the covers, so it should be worth the wait.

In the longer term we are considering changing the publication dates from Summer and Winter to Spring and Autumn. This would have two advantages. If we send the Spring edition in March we could include the details and application form for the reunion, thus saving postage from not having to send them separately. Secondly the Autumn edition in September could include reports and photographs from the reunion while it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind. What do you think? Let us know using the comment form below.

Talking of the reunion, it’s now confirmed that it will be on the 7th July at Northolt, with dinner on Saturday 6th, probably at the Barn Hotel again. So put those dates in your diary, we’ll be sending out full details and an application form in a newsletter in a few weeks time.

A New Website is Born

The first item of news here has to be this website itself. This is a new site published by the Royal Air Force Music Services Association, and as I write there is still a lot work to do before it can be considered ready for public consumption. The Association has been in existence for some 25 years, its purpose being to provide a means for ex-Royal Air Force musicians (whether they were full time bandsmen or members of the many voluntary bands) to keep in touch with friends and colleagues from their service days, and with the contemporary RAF Bands and currently serving members of the Music Services. It’s now time to start taking advantage of the Internet to facilitate these objectives.

The site has two main aims:–

  • To make information about the Association available to anyone interested, including the Association’s purpose and its activities, and to help advertise the Association to anyone eligible to join.
  • To provide a source of information about the Association and its members which is private and available only to the active members, to help people make contact with old friends, for example.

I’m sure these aims will grow and evolve as the site develops, in ways which are impossible to predict. We hope it will become an ever more useful resource for the membership, and will serve to publicise the work of the Association to a wider public.

Before we get there, though, there is much work to be done…!