Colin Pearson, died June 2021

Colin Pearson lost his battle with cancer after a lot of gruelling treatment.

His friend Richard Stone writes:–

Colin was, I think, the sixth Junior Technician to pass his audition for RAF Central Band around 1973. Bob Collins, Les Jackson, Alf Bromley (from the Royal Marine’s), Sean Greenwood, Richard, and then Colin. He quietly took his seat in B band to the left of Willy Kilgour at the end position, however every week, Willy moved his chair ever closer to Stan Tamplin, Arthur Lane, at the ‘other end’- Don Wilson giggling each time Colin was moved further right. B band could be very subtle, and us Juniors did not always recognise the sub-motives of Chief Techs and other Seniors. A few months later I was ejected into A band and Colin followed. Colin always seemed puzzled that he could sit on the same file as Neville Griffiths, Gordon Hughes, Chris White and Wayne Davies… but Colin was both technically competent and full of musicality. It was no surprise to me how well regarded he was.

I left in 1979, but FaceBook allowed us to resume our friendship a few years ago. Cancer also gave us a common platform for discussion. Colin, much braver than me, was able to share his journey and its trials, whereas until very recently only a couple of very trusted friends knew of my similar history. Colin and I agreed that at some point we would meet, no doubt in Betty’s tea rooms, for his beloved cake and tea. Sadly, it is postponed, but not cancelled.

To Colin’s wife Karen and family, I can only say Colin was truly one of the kindest blokes I was privileged to meet at Uxbridge. A musician of quality and I believe, very strong faith. Still Resting Colin…

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